Located in La Mer south Jumeirah 1, HQ’S 459 is literally a few steps away from the beach, a family friendly restaurant and cafe, that serve all day breakfast, lunch and dinner. HQ’S 459 understands their customers lifestyle choices to be active, fast paced and hyper connected. In today’s culinary scene, a good meal isn’t just about the quality of the meal served, but the overall experience exuded. Broken down, the experience is a mixture of the ambiance created by interiors, the personality resonated from the staff and the flavors emulated from the food.

HQ’S 459 was born as a concept that centres on the belief that breakfast is a dish best served all day.  The owners brought into existance a causal beachside hotspot, open to the whole family, this was the first thought  between Huzaifa, Quaid and Shabbir the H, the Q and S of HQS 459 when they first brainstormed on opening their first restaurant. 

Our cuisine is mediterranean, italian and spanish inspired. You can delight yourself with our  best seller eggs benedict and pancakes for breakfast, pastas, pizzas or the waygu burgers and steaks for lunch or dinner.